Case Study

Reviving E-commerce Website After a Challenging Migration

INDUSTRY: E-commerce
LOCATION: Toronto, Canada
TIMEFRAME: October – December, 2022
PROJECT TYPE: Technical SEO, SEO Services
Scott Gabdullin
Founder, Authority Factors

“This study details the recovery of an e-commerce site selling high-end furniture after two challenging migrations. The team conducted an extensive URL analysis, managed redirects, and tailored the SEO strategy to the client’s needs. This approach led to a 163% increase in clicks over six months, boosting product sales and website traffic.”

163% ↑

Increase in organic clicks

12+ ↑

Months of consistent growth after project completion

100k+ ↑

URLs and redirects manually reviewed and optimized

The Challenge

The high-end furniture e-commerce client faced significant SEO challenges following two major platform migrations. First, the migration from Magento 1 to Magento 2 in May 2021, and then from Magento to Shopify in September 2021, both conducted by a different agency. These migrations led to a complex overhaul of the URL structure, resulting in a substantial decline in both traffic and search engine rankings.

The Solution

Our comprehensive approach to reviving the client’s website involved several strategic steps and key insights:

  • In-Depth URL Analysis: We began with a thorough analysis of the site’s historical URLs using a suite of tools like SemRush, Majestic, Google Search Console, and Ahrefs. This step was crucial to understand the impact of the migrations on the website’s structure and to identify any gaps in the current URL setup.
  • Redirect Identification and Management: A significant part of our strategy was identifying and managing redirects. We discovered hundreds of important URLs that had not been redirected post-migration. Additionally, we meticulously cleaned up and optimized a list of 100,000 existing redirects, the maximum limit on Shopify. This process was vital to ensure that no valuable SEO equity was lost and to maintain the site’s authority.
  • Manual URL Mapping and Optimization: We manually reviewed and accurately mapped overlooked URLs to the correct pages on Shopify. This step addressed the complex URL structures that arose from the migrations, ensuring that each link contributed positively to the site’s SEO.
  • Strategic Redirect Advisory: We advised the client on a sustainable, future-proof redirect strategy. This included best practices for handling product or collection deletions, such as keeping products listed as out of stock, redirecting to similar items or collections, and directing deleted brand pages to a general brand homepage.
  • Tailored SEO Solutions and Revenue Focus: Our approach was customized to address the unique challenges faced by the client. We prioritized SEO tactics that not only aimed at increasing site traffic but also focused on driving actual business revenue. This included optimizing the website content and structure to appeal to the target audience, enhancing user experience, and ensuring that all SEO improvements translated into tangible sales.

This multi-faceted approach not only stabilized the client’s website post-migration but also set a foundation for sustained SEO success and revenue growth.


After implementing our comprehensive SEO strategy, the results were both swift and impactful. Within a relatively short period, our efforts yielded significant improvements in the website’s performance metrics. Here are the key highlights of the outcomes achieved:

  • Traffic Increase: Within six months, the website’s clicks surged from 14,200 to 23,200 compared to the previous period, marking a 163% increase.
  • Revenue Impact: The increase in traffic was primarily from product and collection pages, directly translating into tangible product sales.



“We are so pleased to have worked with Authority Factors, specifically Scott and his team. We wanted to focus on optimizing our website for SEO while we migrated our website to Shopify, and Scott's contributions played a vital role in our success. Scott's in-depth knowledge in SEO, dedication and responsiveness throughout the project were exceptional. He and his team even went out their way to help us with valuable content creations, underlining his commitment to our success. Notably, our rankings and traffic managed to almost fully recover in a short amount of time after the migration. Overall, working with Authority Factors and Scott has been wonderful and we wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone seeking to improve their web SEO. Our sincere thanks go to Scott and his team for their amazing work in helping us achieve our goals and make the migration smooth - we couldn't have done it without all of you!”

Ying C.


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