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We work with in-house SEO teams to help them solve the most complex SEO issues that aren’t so easy to solve by themselves or that they might not have enough bandwidth for.

Where needed, we’ll review & advise on organizational & team structure, implementation of agile systems & workflows, and team upskilling & development.

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SEO technology stack

Technical SEO & backlink portfolio audits are largely manual. Over the years, we’ve built a set of tools & processes that automate most of the audit work. It’s all plug & play now.

We have designed the automated technology stack to work across our entire client base, it’s flexible enough to adapt to work for websites of any vertical or size.

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SEO strategy consulting

We provide macro and micro level SEO strategies and tactics for Fortune 1,000 marketing teams to improve revenue and get real results from organic search campaigns.

This includes, but by no means is limited to: supporting clients to plan their SEO campaigns for the next quarter, six months, or year; challenging our clients’ approach to organic search optimization, testing, and reporting; refining best practices and cross-channel synergies between SEO, SEM, Social and Content.

All in all, we work with our clients to align organic search execution with their business goals & objectives.

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SEO training, upskilling, and development

We have a deep interest in business and talent trends and advise solutions to client’s most complex search issues – organizational & team structure, implementation of agile systems & workflows, and team upskilling & development.

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Talent recruitment & staffing

Our team offers a suite of hiring solutions that are designed to increase the executional marketing capacity of our customers. In the traditional sense, that might mean bringing in a few temporary SEO contractors to support a one-off project. Or you might call on us to conduct a search for a full time SEO expert (for junior and senior roles).

As you probably already realize, the SEO talent pool is extremely small and finding the right individuals for search teams is difficult. We’ve interviewed hundreds of candidates and know exactly what to look for to find the talent that will make a positive and significant impact on your business.

Our Promise to You


We care about you and your business

We’ve worked with and been part of many marketing agencies and what most of them have in common is a cookie-cutter approach to client work. Our promise to you – we will care about your business like it’s our own. No cookie-cutter solutions, no BS – only hard work and authentic commitment to you & us winning together as partners. Every day, every time.


We deliver on 100% of what we promise

It’s very easy to promise the moon and stars in SEO and that’s exactly what a lot of digital marketing agencies do – they over-promise and under-deliver. We’ve seen it over and over again. Our promise to you – anything that you and us agree to, we will deliver. Our goal is for you & us to build a lasting & successful partnership and it can’t be done without trust & mutual respect.

SAAS SEO approach

We apply a multifaceted approach to SaaS SEO

Search engine algorithms change & evolve all the time. No great SEO is possible without constant drive & skill to innovate. You can be certain that by working with us, your business will always be using only best and latest SEO practices. We make it our business to make sure our clients are on top of all latest tech innovations like Voice Search, AR, Mobile, and more.



“Working with Authority Factors totally changed things for us. We were nowhere near the 1st page of Google and had no idea how to get there. They made everything simple for us to understand and got us results quickly. It was the best money we’ve ever spent!”

Michael C.

Marketing Director

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