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Welcome to Authority Factors, where we harness the power of high-authority press mentions to catapult your brand into the spotlight. Our Help A Reporter Out (HARO) link building service is meticulously designed to secure you premium backlinks from some of the most reputable news outlets and blogs in the world. Imagine your brand basking in the glow of mentions from top-tier publications – that’s the power we bring to your digital doorstep.

Websites We've Secured HARO Links From For Our Clients

Why You’ll Want To Work With Us

Elevate Your Brand with Powerful HARO Links & Mentions

Expertise and Precision

With years of experience in the SEO and PR realms, our team of experts crafts compelling pitches that get noticed. We know exactly what journalists need, making us the perfect bridge between your brand and the press.

Quality Over Quantity

We focus on securing powerful links that make a difference. Our goal is not just to increase your backlink count but to enhance your brand's authority and online presence with links that offer real value.

Tailored Strategies

Every brand is unique, and so should be the strategy to promote it. We customize our approach to align with your brand's voice and goals, ensuring maximum impact.

Transparent Processes

From pitch to publication, we keep you in the loop. Our transparent process ensures you know exactly how our efforts are translating into success for your brand.

HARO Packages

Only links with a Domain Rating (DR) greater than 50 are counted. Any links that we score on sites with DRs less than 50 are free for you. We’ll keep pitching until we get your links secured.


1 x DR 50+ Link
$ 450 per link
  • 1 x DR 50+ Link
  • 1 x Editorial Placement
  • Dedicated Outreach
  • Link Placement Guaranteed
  • DR 0-49 links are 100% free
  • No links to gambling, pills,
    or adult content


3 x DR 50+ Links
$ 400 per link
  • 3 x DR 50+ Links
  • 3 x Editorial Placements
  • Dedicated Outreach
  • Link Placement Guaranteed
  • DR 0-49 links are 100% free
  • No links to gambling, pills,
    or adult content


5 x DR 50+ Links
$ 350 per link
  • 5 x DR 50+ Links
  • 5 x Editorial Placements
  • Dedicated Outreach
  • Link Placement Guaranteed
  • DR 0-49 links are 100% free
  • No links to gambling, pills,
    or adult content
The Secret SEO Sauce

Why HARO Links Matter

Links from HARO queries aren’t just any links; they’re endorsements from some of the most credible sources on the web. This not only boosts your SEO but also enhances your brand’s credibility and trustworthiness in the eyes of your audience and potential customers.

  • We source, vet, and secure exclusive link opportunities
  • Quality content written by verified journalists (sample)
  • Guaranteed placements on DR 50+ sites
  • Websites with DR less than 50 are free!
  • We source queries across many premium platforms like HARO, Featured, Help B2B Writer, etc.

Our Promise In Numbers

Min DR Guaranteed
0 +
Days Turnaround Time
Editorial Placements
0 %
Our HARO Link Building Process

How We Land BIG Links for Brands Like Yours

We’re in the business of turning digital whispers into roars. Our secret sauce? A meticulous blend of strategy, expertise, and a dash of digital wizardry that secures your brand the high-profile backlinks it deserves.

In the realm of digital marketing, not all links are created equal. At Authority Factors, we specialize in securing the ones that do more than just boost your SEO — they elevate your brand’s story, credibility, and visibility to unprecedented heights.

Ready to see your brand featured alongside the biggest names in the news? Let’s make headlines together.

HARO client report with 15 published links
The Secret SEO Sauce

We Go The Extra Mile. Every Time. For Every Client.

In a recent showcase of our commitment to exceeding expectations, we embarked on a campaign that highlights our dedication to client success.

Tasked with securing just 2 high-value links for our client, our team went into overdrive, crafting and pitching a staggering 50 tailored pitches. The result? A monumental success, landing 15 invaluable links. True to our promise, we only charged for the 2 high-authority links as agreed, bestowing the remaining 13 links as complimentary bonuses.

This is the Authority Factors difference: we don’t just meet targets; we surpass them, ensuring our clients receive unmatched value and results that speak volumes. Our approach isn’t just about numbers; it’s about going the extra mile, every time, for every client.

Who HARO Links Are Great For

Example of a published HARO pitch
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We Protect Your Brand Reputation

To earn your continued trust and give you the peace of mind that any hands-free service should have, we ensure that:

  • Publications and content are relevant to you
  • The pitches we send out are well-researched, accurate, and articulate
  • Communication between us and journalists presents you in the best light
  • The context of your links are positive, respectful, and accurate

Our Promise To You

We care about you and your business

We’ve worked with and been part of many marketing agencies and what most of them have in common is a cookie-cutter approach to client work. Our promise to you – we will care about your business like it’s our own. No cookie-cutter solutions, no BS – only hard work and authentic commitment to you & us winning together as partners. Every day, every time.

We deliver on 100% of what we promise

It’s very easy to promise the moon and stars in SEO and that’s exactly what a lot of digital marketing agencies do – they over-promise and under-deliver. We’ve seen it over and over again. Our promise to you – anything that you and us agree to, we will deliver. Our goal is for you & us to build a lasting & successful partnership and it can’t be done without trust & mutual respect.

We innovate on your behalf

Search engine algorithms change & evolve all the time. No great SEO is possible without constant drive & skill to innovate. You can be certain that by working with us, your business will always be using only best and latest SEO practices. We make it our business to make sure our clients are on top of all latest tech innovations like Voice Search, AR, Mobile, and more.



“The team at Authority Factors has been instrumental in elevating our brand's authority. Their strategic approach to securing high-quality press mentions has not only improved our SEO but has also significantly enhanced our credibility in the industry. Exceptional service and results!”

Samantha K.

E-commerce Business Owner

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Let's Elevate Your Brand Together​

At Authority Factors, we’re committed to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with digital marketing. Our HARO link building service is just one of the ways we help brands like yours stand out in a crowded digital landscape. Ready to see your brand featured in top publications? Let’s make it happen.

Some conditions we have for new clients:

  • No links to gambling, pills, or adult content
  • Real person profile to pitch on behalf of. All profiles need to have online presence (e.g. LinkedIn, About Page, etc.)
  • Ideally the website we build links to has no obvious PBN design
  • We’ll require a professional headshot of the person we are pitching on behalf of

Websites We've Secured HARO Links From For Our Clients

Frequently Asked Questions

HARO stands for Help A Reporter Out. It’s a platform where journalists seek expert insights for their upcoming stories. By providing valuable input, your brand can secure high-quality backlinks from authoritative news sites and blogs, significantly enhancing your SEO and online visibility.

Our team meticulously matches your expertise with relevant queries from journalists, ensuring that every link we secure is not only authoritative but also highly relevant to your niche. This targeted approach maximizes the impact of each link on your brand’s relevance and authority in your specific industry.

Absolutely. HARO links are natural, editorially given links that are fully compliant with Google’s webmaster guidelines. They are earned through providing genuine, valuable insights to reporters, making them one of the safest and most effective link-building strategies.

The timeline can vary depending on the publication and its editorial process. Generally, it can take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months to see your contribution published. However, the wait is often worth it due to the high quality and credibility of these links.

While we cannot guarantee placements in specific publications due to the nature of HARO’s query-based system, our expertise and strategic approach significantly increase the chances of securing placements in reputable outlets. Our focus is on crafting compelling pitches that stand out to journalists.

Not every pitch will result in a link, but our persistent and strategic approach ensures a consistent flow of opportunities. We continually monitor HARO queries and refine our pitches to maximize success rates, aiming for quality placements over time.

Success is measured through a combination of metrics, including the quality and authority of the backlinks obtained, improvements in your website’s SEO performance, and increased visibility and brand recognition in your industry.

Yes, we collaborate closely with our clients to ensure that all input reflects your expertise and brand voice accurately. While the final content is ultimately determined by the journalists, we strive to ensure your contributions are presented as intended.

HARO link building is a powerful component of a comprehensive digital marketing strategy, enhancing your SEO, building your brand’s authority, and complementing your content marketing, social media, and other SEO efforts for a holistic online presence.

Our unique blend of SEO expertise, PR savvy, and commitment to understanding your brand sets us apart. We not only aim to secure high-quality backlinks but also to elevate your brand’s narrative and connect you with significant media opportunities.

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