Case Study

WordPress to Shopify Website Migration

INDUSTRY: E-commerce
LOCATION: Toronto, Canada
TIMEFRAME: July – November, 2023
Ying C.

“We wanted to focus on optimizing our website for SEO while we migrated our website to Shopify, and Scott’s contributions played a vital role in our success.”

15% ↑

Increase in traffic
(90 days vs previous period)

7,846% ↑

Increase in impressions
(90 days vs previous period)

Less than 1 week ↑

Drop in rankings to full recovery

The Challenge

Migrating a website from one CMS to another, particularly from WordPress to Shopify, is a complex and high-stakes process, especially in the realm of SEO. The primary challenge lies in preserving the site’s existing search engine rankings and organic traffic. Risks include potential loss of page rank due to changes in URL structures, loss of content during migration, and the possibility of broken links which can negatively impact user experience and SEO.

Additionally, aligning Shopify’s e-commerce focused architecture with the previously content-centric WordPress structure poses significant challenges in maintaining SEO equity. Ensuring continuity in metadata, schema markups, and the overall site architecture is critical to prevent any downturn in search engine visibility.

The Solution

Leveraging our extensive experience in technical SEO and website migration for sites with up to 3.5 million pages, we crafted a meticulous migration plan. Our approach included:

  • Comprehensive URL Analysis: Utilizing tools like SemRush, Majestic, Google Search Console, and Ahrefs, we pulled historical URLs to understand the existing web structure thoroughly.
  • Redirect Strategy: We identified numerous high-potential URLs that were previously not redirected. A clean-up of the existing redirect list was also performed to ensure efficiency.
  • URL Mapping: Due to the differing URL structures of WordPress and Shopify, a manual review was conducted to map WordPress URLs accurately to the new Shopify pages.
  • Page Optimization and Content Revision: All new Shopify pages were optimized for SEO. We also provided the client with new, optimized content free of charge where necessary, ensuring that the new site not only matched but surpassed the original in terms of SEO quality.


This strategic and detailed approach yielded remarkable results:

  • Smooth Transition: The migration was executed seamlessly, with no significant downtime or loss in SEO rankings.
  • Preservation of Rankings: We successfully maintained the site’s existing rankings through careful planning and execution of SEO best practices.
  • Significant Traffic Increase: The website experienced a 12% increase in new traffic, signifying not just a retention of the existing audience but a substantial expansion.
  • Enhanced SEO Performance: Post-migration, the site demonstrated improved SEO metrics, attributing to the meticulous planning and execution of the migration process.

This case study exemplifies our expertise in handling complex SEO challenges and underscores our commitment to delivering results beyond client expectations.



“We are so pleased to have worked with Authority Factors, specifically Scott and his team. We wanted to focus on optimizing our website for SEO while we migrated our website to Shopify, and Scott's contributions played a vital role in our success. Scott's in-depth knowledge in SEO, dedication and responsiveness throughout the project were exceptional. He and his team even went out their way to help us with valuable content creations, underlining his commitment to our success. Notably, our rankings and traffic managed to almost fully recover in a short amount of time after the migration. Overall, working with Authority Factors and Scott has been wonderful and we wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone seeking to improve their web SEO. Our sincere thanks go to Scott and his team for their amazing work in helping us achieve our goals and make the migration smooth - we couldn't have done it without all of you!”

Ying C.


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