Case Study

Helping a B2B SaaS Achieve 525% Increase In Daily Clicks

LOCATION: San Francisco, USA
TIMEFRAME: October, 2022 – September, 2023
PROJECT TYPE: Content Marketing, SEO Services
Scott Gabdullin
Founder, Authority Factors

“This study highlights the SEO and content marketing efforts for a B2B SaaS company offering US business formation services. Our strategy involved creating 9 content hubs with 283 transactional intent pages, optimized for SEO. This approach, based on siloing best practices, led to a 525% increase in daily clicks, enhancing the site’s usability and authority.”

525% ↑

Increase in daily clicks

283 ↑

Transactional intent pages written, optimized & published by Authority Factors team

33.7K ↑

Clicks generated since the beginning of the project

The Challenge

In the highly competitive field of US business formation services, our B2B SaaS client faced the daunting task of improving their online visibility and organic traffic. The main objective was to develop a robust content strategy that could significantly boost SEO performance, an essential element for success in their niche.

The Solution

We implemented an advanced SEO and content marketing strategy, focusing on creating 9 content hubs consisting of 283 transactional intent pages. These pages were meticulously written, optimized, and published by the Authority Factors team, adhering to the best practices of SEO siloing.

SEO siloing involves structuring website content into clear, thematic groups known as silos. This method improves site usability and establishes the company’s reputation as a trustworthy authority in its field. Each silo is anchored by a main “homepage” that connects to related articles, ensuring content coherence and thematic consistency.

Our strategy included both hard and soft siloing techniques:

  • Hard silos were created using the website’s URL structure to establish distinct thematic categories.
  • Soft silos were formed through strategic internal linking, enhancing the site’s navigational experience and SEO.

We consistently added new, silo-specific content to expand keyword targeting, prevent keyword overlap, and maintain content relevance and freshness for site visitors.
Before our partnership, the company lacked specific industry and local SEO pages that are crucial for ranking in search engine results. As we added these in, we helped our client target essential keywords and reach a broader market.

In fact, after only six months, they saw over 33,000 new clicks on their website.

Our content team did extensive research, particularly cross-checking with official websites and industry-specific resources for accuracy and relevance. We prioritized creating distinct, informative pages for every facet of their business services.


The results were phenomenal. Aside from the 33.7k increase in clicks over a long period, our content hubs led to a 525% increase in daily clicks. This success is largely due to the improved website architecture, which supports more efficient search engine crawling and provides a superior user experience.

Through our focused efforts on well-structured, relevant content and adherence to SEO siloing best practices, we boosted the company’s search engine rankings and laid a solid foundation for their ongoing SEO success.



“We are so pleased to have worked with Authority Factors, specifically Scott and his team. We wanted to focus on optimizing our website for SEO while we migrated our website to Shopify, and Scott's contributions played a vital role in our success. Scott's in-depth knowledge in SEO, dedication and responsiveness throughout the project were exceptional. He and his team even went out their way to help us with valuable content creations, underlining his commitment to our success. Notably, our rankings and traffic managed to almost fully recover in a short amount of time after the migration. Overall, working with Authority Factors and Scott has been wonderful and we wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone seeking to improve their web SEO. Our sincere thanks go to Scott and his team for their amazing work in helping us achieve our goals and make the migration smooth - we couldn't have done it without all of you!”

Ying C.


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