Case Study

61% Increase in Commercial Intent Traffic for B2B SaaS

LOCATION: Toronto, Canada
TIMEFRAME: December, 2022 – Present
PROJECT TYPE: Content Marketing, SEO Services, Technical SEO, EEAT
Scott Gabdullin
Founder, Authority Factors

“In this case study, a B2B SaaS technology company faced a three-year decline in web traffic. Our comprehensive SEO overhaul, including optimizing thousands of pages and adding 184 new ones with EEAT focus, led to a 61% traffic increase over six months. This strategy successfully reversed the downward trend, enhancing both traffic volume and conversion rates.”

61% ↑

Increase in commercial intent traffic

184 ↑

Commercial intent pages written, optimized & published by Authority Factors team

#1 ↑

Rankings for highly competitive keywords with search volumes of 100k per month

The Challenge

We began working with a B2B SaaS brand in the technology niche that was grappling with a significant issue: a steady decline in website traffic for three consecutive years. A deep dive into their website revealed thousands of pages with substantial optimization gaps. These included a lack of proper on-page optimization, ineffective internal linking, and a notable absence of EEAT (Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness) elements, all of which were crucial for their online visibility and ranking.

The Solution

To address these challenges, we adopted a fundamental yet aggressive strategy. Our team embarked on a large-scale optimization project, tackling thousands of pages to ensure they met SEO best practices. This process involved not just enhancing existing content but also removing what was outdated or no longer relevant. Alongside this, we created 184 new pages of content, each meticulously crafted and optimized for SEO, with a keen focus on integrating EEAT principles. This comprehensive approach was designed to quickly and effectively revitalize the site’s SEO standing.


The impact of our efforts was clear and significant: within just six months, the website experienced a 61% increase in traffic compared to the previous period. More importantly, this wasn’t just an increase in traffic volume; the traffic had strong commercial intent, which meant a higher rate of conversions. By focusing on the core aspects of SEO and content relevance, we successfully reversed the trend of declining traffic, turning it into a period of robust improvement and growth for the client.



“We are so pleased to have worked with Authority Factors, specifically Scott and his team. We wanted to focus on optimizing our website for SEO while we migrated our website to Shopify, and Scott's contributions played a vital role in our success. Scott's in-depth knowledge in SEO, dedication and responsiveness throughout the project were exceptional. He and his team even went out their way to help us with valuable content creations, underlining his commitment to our success. Notably, our rankings and traffic managed to almost fully recover in a short amount of time after the migration. Overall, working with Authority Factors and Scott has been wonderful and we wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone seeking to improve their web SEO. Our sincere thanks go to Scott and his team for their amazing work in helping us achieve our goals and make the migration smooth - we couldn't have done it without all of you!”

Ying C.


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