Case Study

Helping a Finance SaaS Build an SEO Program

LOCATION: Toronto, Canada
TIMEFRAME: July, 2023 – Present
PROJECT TYPE: Content Marketing, SEO Services, Technical SEO, EEAT
Scott Gabdullin
Founder, Authority Factors

“In this case study, we look at a Toronto-based finance SaaS company that had minimal online presence, evidenced by very few clicks from search engine results. Our solution involved in-depth keyword research and developing a targeted content strategy. We produced articles that were optimized for search engines while delivering valuable information to human readers.”

402% ↑

Increase in daily clicks

15 ↑

Transactional intent pages written, optimized & published by Authority Factors team (out of 200 scheduled)

35K+ ↑

Finance-related keywords researched for this project

The Challenge

A Toronto-based finance SaaS company had minimal online visibility, with a range of about 3-9 daily clicks only from search engines. A low number of clicks meant they were missing out on potential customers and struggling to grow.

The Solution

We took the following steps to address the challenge of boosting the online visibility of our client’s site:

  • Extensive Keyword Research: We did thorough research to understand what potential customers are searching for in the accounting, invoicing, and finance areas. This way, we identified the most valuable search terms to target that competitors were also using.
  • Focused Content Strategy: Based on the keywords we found, we developed a clear plan for the website’s content to attract more visitors. We also aimed to reach potential clients by incorporating primary search terms for local SEO.
  • Optimized Content Creation: We wrote and optimized articles for better search engine visibility, ensuring each article and the entire website followed EEAT principles. Each piece was carefully crafted to rank higher in search results, helping draw more potential customers to the site.

These strategic steps have laid a strong foundation for attracting more visitors, particularly from the Toronto area.


Our strategy produced outcomes that significantly improved the company’s online presence:

  • Daily Click Increase: We achieved a 400% rise in daily clicks, boosting potential customer engagement and increasing opportunities for sales. Additionally, this boost in web traffic has helped us gather more data on what works best for attracting and retaining customers, guiding our future strategies.
  • More Indexed Pages: As a result of ranking for highly competitive keywords, the number of pages from site appearing in search results increased. It enhanced our client’s site’s visibility and credibility in the finance industry.

The changes we made helped expand our client’s reach online while strengthening their position as a leader in the finance sector.



“We are so pleased to have worked with Authority Factors, specifically Scott and his team. We wanted to focus on optimizing our website for SEO while we migrated our website to Shopify, and Scott's contributions played a vital role in our success. Scott's in-depth knowledge in SEO, dedication and responsiveness throughout the project were exceptional. He and his team even went out their way to help us with valuable content creations, underlining his commitment to our success. Notably, our rankings and traffic managed to almost fully recover in a short amount of time after the migration. Overall, working with Authority Factors and Scott has been wonderful and we wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone seeking to improve their web SEO. Our sincere thanks go to Scott and his team for their amazing work in helping us achieve our goals and make the migration smooth - we couldn't have done it without all of you!”

Ying C.


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